Elevate the ambiance of your upcoming event or party with our enchanting Berry Mylar CRESCENT MOON Balloon. This foil balloon boasts a captivating crescent moon shape that’s perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and charm to your decor. Whether you’re creating a balloon centerpiece, bouquet, column, or arch, these Mylar CRESCENT MOON-shaped balloons will infuse a sense of magic into your celebration.

To create a truly unique balloon bouquet, mix and match these Berry Mylar CRESCENT MOON Balloons with coordinating latex and Mylar/Foil balloons. The result will be a stunning visual display that complements your theme beautifully.

Our self-sealing valve ensures that once inflated with helium or air, the gas or air remains securely trapped inside, allowing for hassle-free decorating.

You have the flexibility to choose between purchasing these Berry Mylar CRESCENT MOON Balloons inflated or uninflated, depending on your convenience and requirements. Whether you want them to float gracefully or hang decoratively, these balloons are designed to meet your decorating needs. Explore our Berry Mylar CRESCENT MOON Balloons and infuse a touch of enchantment into your event or party.


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