Celebrate a special birthday with our radiant Luminous Birthday Bouquet, the perfect way to express your heartfelt “Happy birthday!” wishes. This carefully crafted bouquet is designed to make the birthday celebration even more memorable and joyful.

At the heart of this bouquet, you’ll find a captivating Supershape Mylar balloon, the centerpiece that steals the spotlight and radiates happiness. Complementing this star attraction are two 18-inch Mylar balloons featuring coordinating designs, creating a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement. Adding to the charm are two solid-colored 18-inch Mylar balloons, enhancing the overall bouquet.

To make your celebration hassle-free, we’ve taken care of the inflation process, filling each balloon with helium. Each balloon is thoughtfully attached to a weight, ensuring they stay securely anchored and beautifully displayed throughout your event.

With our Luminous Birthday Bouquet, you’re not just sending balloons; you’re sending a heartfelt message of joy and celebration. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a simple gathering of loved ones, this bouquet will elevate your decor and add that extra touch of magic to the festivities. Make their day unforgettable with this delightful and versatile balloon ensemble!


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